Weapons, Gunslingers and The Trail

The words listed below pertain to a gunslinger's way of life, and include words concerning weapons, but also the trail itself, hawks or falcons, and more spirituality-related terms. Canonical translations of words whose meaning we are already given in the books are marked with an asterisk (*). However, I may have also expanded upon these … Continue reading Weapons, Gunslingers and The Trail


As mentioned in Vowels, much of the choices that I have made concerning High Speech phonology are based upon a mix of canon material and Common Brythonic (CB) reconstruction where the canon was either lacking or unclear. Below the cut is the consonant table. Unlike with vowels, the data extrapolated from canon words was much … Continue reading Consonants


Phonetics in High Speech are structured primarily using the words we are given in the canon, with the ruling assumption that Stephen King has written them down in a way that tries to match High Speech pronunciation with English spelling. As a way of supplanting in certain cases where the sounds may be missing or unclear, … Continue reading Vowels